Abhishek Dixit


Hatha yoga treener

Yoga has been a true companion for me. I started yoga journey ten years ago and continue to carry-on the never-ending path forever. I did Yoga instructor certification with Indian yoga Association (IYA) and qualified UGC National eligibility test (NET) for lecturership in Yoga. My training relies on the classical Hatha Yoga system that includes Asana, Mudra, Pranayama, and Nadanusandhan.

I will teach you technical knowledge and skills in the hatha yoga to build a slim-energetic body, calm nerves, and feel perfect joy. I try to fill my class with skills, commitment, and fun. I am dedicated to my students' success and motivate them to live a simple and holistic lifestyle. I speak English but would love to learn Estonian and Russian. All age group is welcome in hatha yoga class.

I am conducting Hatha yoga training in the halls of Akadeemia tee 30 and Mustamäe tee 4.

Phone: +372 55900410