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Dmytro Zubenko

- Personal training in the 24/7 Fitness gym Pärnu.

- Making an individual training program for your goals (gaining muscle mass, losing weight, body shaping or weight).

- Selection of exercises based on your characteristics.

- Explanation, training, analysis and adjustment of exercise technique.

- Help in compiling a diet, compiling a diet for a day / week / month.

- Analysis of the food basket.

- Answers to all questions on nutrition, personal support and control.

- Full management 1/3/5 months, including: personal training, nutrition, 24/7 support, my personal control. 

- Possibility of online/distance training.

- Consultations, and any questions in my area of ​​expertise.


Contact me tel: +37258376123
Instagram: dmitriy.zubenko