Our sports club has five different packages:

  • 30-day pass at a price 29.95 €
  • 90-day pass at a price 79.90 €
  • 180-day pass at a price 119.90 €
  • 365-day pass at a price 199.90 €
  • E-invoice 12 month with contract - 19€/month

All packages include group trainings. The first purchase is accompanied by a membership fee 10 €.

To join, select on the website Join us and then choose the package you like. Enter required information and make payment. It's that simple.

You can buy a one-time pass for 6 € at Akadeemia tee 30, Laki põik 4, Mustamäe tee 4, Peetri center, Tõnismägi 11A and Kuressaare WOW center clubs. Payment can be made by payment card at the club.

To buy a new package, log in, select My profile and Service cards. From the service cards, select the suitable package.

Unfortunately, due to illness or other cause, it is not possible to stop the package.

When you buy a new package earlier than 45 days after the end of your package, you do not need to pay the membership fee again.

If the training break is longer than 45 days, you will need to pay the membership fee again.

Within two working days, we will send the membership card to the Omniva or SmartPOST parcel terminal.

Unfortunately, you cannot enter the club without a club card.

To buy a new card, log in, select My profile and Service cards. Choose New membership card from the service cards.

You need to pay 6 € to issue a new card. We will send the card to the Omniva or SmartPOST parcel terminal.

The one year package with contract cannot be terminated. The contract ends when the deadline expires.

Your username is your email address. To log in, click Log in and Forgot password. Then enter your email address and click Send. A link will be sent to the email address to enter the password.

If this does not help, call + 372 5309 6707 or write info@24-7fitness.ee.

Unfortunately, we do not have a sauna.

Our sports club has an age limit of 18 years. In case of parental written consent, it is possible to train in the club from the age of 7 years.

The first payment is for the current month and next month.

Example: You are buying a package on 03.05.2017. The new invoice will be sent to you on 01.07.2017.

If you have a Gymleco membership card, you do not need to order the new one. Your old card also works in a new club.

A padlock is required to lock the locker. The diameter of the locking hole can be max 5 mm.

The padlock can also be purchased from the vending machine at the sports club.

To register to group training, sign in, in the menu select Training and Training schedule. Choose the club you want, click on the appropriate group training and click Broneeri aeg (Book).

To cancel a group training reservation, sign in, select My Profile and Reservations. Please cancel your booking under reservation.

Yes. To pay with SportID credit write to info@24-7fitness.ee.

Through SportID is possible to buy 14 day package, 30 day package, 90 day package, 180 day package or 365 day package. You cannot buy a one year package with contract through SportID.