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Rules Governing the Services Provided by 24-7fitness.ee Gyms

1. General provisions

1.1 The Rules governing the services provided by the 24-7fitness.ee gyms (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) shall be binding to all individuals using the services provided by 24-7fitness.ee gyms (hereinafter referred to as the Gym). The Rules shall apply to all Gyms under the 24-7fitness.ee brand. The services provided by the Gyms may only be used by the member of the Gym (hereinafter referred to as the Member) who has read the Rules carefully by confirming this on the website at 24-7fitness.ee. Any damage caused to the Gyms or third persons shall be compensated in accordance with the legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

1.2 In order to use the Gym services, the Member shall purchase the membership card (hereinafter referred to as the Membership Card) as well as a fitness package.

1.3 Each Member shall be issued a personal Membership Card. Those who already have a Membership Card can add their purchased Membership to the existing Card. The Member shall use their personal Membership Card upon entering the Gym. If a Member loses a loyal customer card, he or she must purchase a new loyal customer card from the homepage by logging into the customer area. You will be charged a fee of EUR 6 for re-issuing the card. The card will be sent to an Omniva or Smartpost machine.

1.4 The Member cannot enter the Sports Club without a Membership Card or without using the Mobile Application.

1.4.1 When using the mobile application, the mobile application must be configured so that automatic updates are enabled. If automatic updating is not enabled, you must regularly check for updates of the application manually before each visit to the sports club.

1.5 The Membership Card shall not be suspended in the event of illness or other cases.

1.6 The Membership Card is personal and it shall not be forwarded to third parties. If the Membership Card is handed over to a third party, it shall be blocked without advance notice. The block shall be removed upon payment of a processing fee in the amount of 30 euros for each violation.

1.6.1 In case of loss of the membership card, the Member must notify the Gym immediately. If the customer card has been lost, but the Member has not informed the Gym about the loss of the membership card, the card will be blocked if the use of the card by a third party has been detected. The card will remain blocked until the processing fee is paid.

1.7 The Gym is opened 24 hours a day.

1.8 The Gym has video surveillance.

1.9 The Gym may be closed for up to 24 hours for maintenance. The Members are not provided with any services on the maintenance day and they shall be notified thereof in advance.

1.10 The membership fee is a one-time fee of 10 euros. This fee applies to all persons who purchase a Sports Club Membership.

1.10.1 1 Re-entry fee 6€. This fee will be paid when membership is restored after a 45-day break.

1.11 Only one person at a time can pass through the sports club access system.

1.12 If several individuals enter the door system, the Membership Card shall be blocked and block removed upon payment of a processing fee in the amount of 30 euros for each violation.

1.12.1 Persons over the age of 7 may purchase a package from the website upon written consent of the parent or buy1X pass.

1.13 One-time passes are considered used when entering the sports club's client zone after payment.

1.14 Failure statements related to one-time entry will be accepted for events up to 30 days old.

Applications for events older than 30 days will not be accepted.

1.15 The membership card can be ordered free of charge within 30 days after paying the membership fee based on a written application, if the customer card was not ordered at the time of purchase.

The membership card can be ordered for free only once in 30 days. After 30 days have passed from the payment of the membership fee, the customer card must be ordered from the customer area of the website.

2. Membership

2.1. The term of the Gym Membership Cards (starting from the activation date):

the term of the monthly Membership Card shall be 30 days;
the term of the annual Membership Card shall be 365 days.

2.2. The Gym shall approve the amounts of the fees for the Gym Membership and for becoming a Member and publish them on the Gym website at www.24-7fitness.ee.

3. Duration of visit to Gym

3.1. The Members who have purchased the Membership Card may visit the 24-7fitness.ee Gyms once during 24 hours. The duration of the visit shall have no restrictions.

4. General rules of conduct of Members and liability upon violation of Rules

While staying in the Gym and on the premises thereof, the Member shall:

4.1 use the services provided by the Gym, its property and equipment responsibly and carefully and take, upon using the services, all possible measures in order to prevent self-injury as well as any damage to the property of the Gym and to the health and property of other Members and employees of the Gym;

4.2 be sober and not under the influence of substances affecting their state of mind (narcotic substances, drugs and other intoxicating or toxic substances). The Gym shall have the right to deny entry to Members not complying with said requirements. If there are any suspicions on the state of sobriety or level of intoxication of the Member, the employee of the Gym has the right to require that such Members leave the Gym;

4.3 take pictures or videos only with the permission of the management of the Gym. If the Member violates this requirement, the Gym shall have the right to cancel their Membership;

4.4 prior to using the machines and equipment of the Gym, review the user instructions displayed on the premises of the Gym or on the machine or equipment. Before starting to train, check the condition of the training equipment.If something remains unclear, the Member shall not use the machines or equipment and seek help from the Gym employees in charge;

4.5 use the machines and equipment of the Gym only for their intended purpose and in the manner and pursuant to the procedure provided in the user instructions of the machines and equipment as well as refrain from using the machines and equipment that is temporarily out of order and notify the Gym employees in charge of any and all malfunctions or suspicions regarding the proper functioning of the machines or equipment;

4.7 consume soft drinks and water only if they are stored in an unbreakable container; no alcoholic drinks shall be brought to or consumed in the Gym;

4.8 refrain from disturbing other Gym Members upon using the services. Members who notice the improper behaviour of another Member that impedes others from using the services or that may place the safety and health of other Members at risk, shall notify the Gym employee thereof by calling 53 096 707;

4.9 according to the Loss Evaluation Statement submitted by the Gym, compensate for the monetary damage (occurred upon breaking the machines or equipment, etc.) caused by the Member. The Member shall compensate the damage caused to the Gym within three (3) days as of the date of submission of the Loss Evaluation Statement to the Member, unless the management of the Gym has agreed on a different compensation term with the Member;

4.10 attend only the premises intended for Members;

4.11 prior to using the services provided by the Gym, make sure that their state of health allows them to attend the Gym and to use its services;

4.12 the Member shall constantly observe their state of health as well as regularly consult their physician prior to visiting the Gym, including as regards their physical load, personal characteristics and intensity. If the Member is uncertain as to whether the service provided by the Gym is suitable for them, they shall consult their physician on the matter. Upon visiting the Gym, the Member shall confirm that they are free of any medical problems that constitute a contraindication to visiting the Gym and using its services. The Company shall not liable for the health of the Member;

4.13 while using the equipment and services in the Gym, select specific sports equipment, machines and physical load according to their specific individual needs, personal characteristics and the possible effect on their body;

4.14 the Gym shall neither assess the impact of the services to the health of the Member nor guarantee the positive effect thereof, i.e. depending on the state of health of the Member, the services provided in the Gym may have a negative effect on their health. Therefore, Members shall be cautious and take careful consideration upon deciding to join the Gym and selecting the services.

4.15 On the territory of the sports club, personal trainings may be provided only with the consent of the management of the club 24-7fitness when registering as a personal trainer for a sports club. A personal trainer must have a valid professional certificate.

4.16 When conducting personal trainings without the consent of the sports club, the sports club has the right to block the access rights of the performer of the given activity.



5. While in the Gym, Members are prohibited from:

5.1 bringing drinks in glass containers;

5.2 drinking alcohol or smoking in the changing-rooms or in other places not intended for this purpose, and from using narcotic substances;

5.3 using hair dryers not for its intended purposes;

5.4 performing skin exfoliation, hair removal, hair colouring or other personal aesthetic hygienic procedures;

5.5 wash or dry clothes;

5.6 using the machines or other equipment that are temporarily out of order;

5.7 wearing dirty or inappropriate apparel and footwear or attending the Gym wearing slippers or without wearing footwear. Members who fail to comply with said rules may be denied entry to the premises;

5.8 engaging in sports and attending the Gym if the individual is under 18 years of age, except for individuals aged 7 and over whose parent has given written consent;

5.9 disturbing other Members upon using the services.

5.10 bringing pets with them.

5.11 Enter by bicycle, scooter.


6. Additional Gym Rules

6.1 The Gym shall not compensate the monetary or non-monetary damage occurred to the health or life of the Member, unless such damage occurred due to the fault of the Gym.

6.2 The Gym or its staff shall not be liable for accidents occurring on the Gym premises or for any trauma caused by the violation of the General Rules, safety equipment rules, exercise machines and equipment rules and instructions or by ignoring the directions given by the staff as well as for any damage to the health of the Member caused by the activities of third parties.

6.3 The Gym does not provide the services of storage of items but merely presents the possibility to leave the items brought by the Members in locations intended for that purpose. The Members shall leave their personal belongings to lockers in the changing-room of the Gym and lock them. The Members are advised against bringing expensive or valuable items to the Gym. The Gym shall not be liable for the items left by the Members in the changing-rooms or other premises of the Gym. The Member shall immediately notify the Gym of any missing or damaged personal items. The Gym shall not be liable for the loss of and/or damage to any personal belongings of the Members, unless such loss or damage occurred due to the fault of the Gym. Any items left in the Gym by the Member shall be kept for 30 days. After that, items will be destroyed.

6.4 The Member shall lock the locker using their own lock or one that can be purchased at the reception of the Gym (for 3.5 euros). Personal locks shall be used as the lockers installed at the Gym can be locked only by using padlocks.

6.5 Upon leaving the Gym, the Member shall leave the locker unlocked and take the lock away with them or leave it in a place intended for this purpose. If the lock is left locked, it shall be removed. Locks are opened once per week during the night. The Gym shall not be liable for any damage occurred.

6.6 The Gym shall have the right to refuse the provision of the services to individuals who have violated these Rules or whose behaviour endangers the interests of other Gym Members and/or who fails to comply with the Rules. The Gym employee in charge shall have the right to request that the Member who has violated the Rules cease using the services provided by the Gym and leave the premises. The fee paid for the visit shall not be returned to the Member.

6.6 If the Member fails to observe the Rules and their behaviour damages the interests of other Gym Members on more than one occasion or if they attend the Gym in the state of intoxication more than once while refusing to comply with the lawful instructions of the Gym then the latter shall have the right to cancel the Membership of the Member. In such a case, after incurred reasonable losses due to the non-compliance with the Rules are deducted, the fee paid for the Membership Card shall be returned to the Member in proportion to the term left until the expiry of the Membership.

6.7 Taking into account the features of the functioning and member service of the Gym as well as the fact that Members shall use the services of the Gym independently, they shall be informed that the Gym is opened 24-hours and, at certain hours, no employees are present in the premises of the Gym. As such, the Members are exercising without supervision. The Members shall provide their consent to this.

In the event of a fire or accident, the Member shall immediately notify the Rescue Service thereof by calling 112.

6.8 Prior to using a machine, the Member shall review the user instructions provided on the machine. The instructions describe the correct use of the machine and the proper way of performing the exercise.

6.9 After finishing the exercises, the machine shall be in proper order and suitable for the use by other Members. All additional equipment of the machines, other equipment and dumbbells shall be returned to their original place.

6.10 If the machine is not used, the Member shall not use it for sitting or prevent other Members in any way from using it.

6.11 The Gym shall be immediately notified of any failures of the machines or other equipment.

6.12 After finishing the use of machines or other equipment, the Member shall clean them.

6.13 In order to participate in group classes, the Member shall register for the selected class in the Member Zone, receive a registration confirmation slip and present this to the trainer prior to the commencement of the class. One-time pass buyers cannot register for the group training in advance.

6.14 The Club shall not guarantee a spot in the group class as the number of participants is limited.

6.15 The registration to group classes shall be made available in the Member Zone two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the class.

6.16 If the Member cannot participate in the group class they registered for, they shall indicate this in the Member Zone at least two (2) hours prior to the commencement of the class. If the Member has failed to perform their obligation to change their participation in the class in a timely manner twice in a row or twice in the course of one (1) month, the Company shall have the right to block their registration for group classes for a period of one (1) month, with the Member not being entitled to request the decrease of the amount of the Membership Card or to return it.

The Sports Club reserves the right to charge € 1 for each violation in the case of a failure to show up for a booked training session without cancelling the session. The Sports Club may issue invoices for violation of the rules of booking training sessions for € 6 per calendar month in total.

6.17 If the Member has not taken the registration confirmation slip prior to the commencement of the group class, their spot shall be cancelled. Free spots shall be filled on an ongoing basis.

6.18 The Gym shall be entitled to unilaterally change the group classes, including replace trainers and change the classes by notifying the Member thereof on the schedule of the website.

6.19 Please book yourself a place for group training. For the class to take place, a minimum of three people is needed.

Reservations and cancellations end one hour before the start of the class.

At least 3 people must attend. 3 people must have booked for the Jõusaali ABC and Vabaduse pst 174B circuit trainings, and at least 2 must show up for the class to take place.

6.20 When the class is fully booked, you can add yourself to the waiting list. Any client who cancels their reservation will free up their place and you will move forward in the waiting list until you get a place in training.

6.21 Upon violation of the Gym Rules, the Gym shall have the right to cancel the Membership and the remaining fee for the unused term of the Membership shall not be returned upon cancellation of the Membership and the Company shall withhold this as a compensation for the damage caused. The Member shall agree with the full amount of the compensation and be aware that such amount is related to the violation of the Gym Rules.



7.1 In order to maintain the property of the Gym and prevent accidents, the Member shall follow the fire safety procedure established by the Gym.

7.2 In order to prevent fire accidents, it shall be strictly forbidden to smoke or light a candle or engage in other similar activities.

7.3 In the case of fire risk or if the Member discovers a fire, they shall:

call the emergency number 112, provide their name and address of their location and describe the event. They shall also notify the Gym by calling on 53 096 707  7.4 In the case of an accident, Members shall have access to first-aid kits located in the first-aid locker or they shall call 112.